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So for anyone that doesn’t know @EdenShizzle has moved to Dallas, TX with his underage boyfriend @FreddyMichael.  A few nights ago I was nice enough to allow them to stay with me when they came to Shreveport, LA.  Not knowing that @FreddyMichael was a raging kleptomaniac I fell asleep once I thought he was asleep.  Turns out the pair had the idea to steal from me the whole time.  When I awoke from my much needed beauty sleep (seeing as you all call me ugly already)  I noticed my wallet was missing, along with all the money in it and personal information.  Then after some more searching around my house we noticed that my room mate @JaredJigsaw’s paycheck was missing along with some other items.  Including cell phone chargers, cigarettes and possibly some jewelry.  Well seeing as we had no evidence we simply made a police report saying the items were missing.  Later that day I decided to get on my computer to check my facebook and aim.  Then I noticed there was an IM opened with @KelliFromCompton and realized @EdenShizzle had left his AIM logged in.  I noticed in the conversation they were talking about trying to find my macbook to steal and how they “felt bad for stealing.”  Well this is simply my post to explain to everyone that they are theives.  I am also going to include a screen shot of the report number for the arrest warrants issued for their detainment.  Because according to @EdenShizzle and @FreddyMichael I’m a bitch for calling the cops and I wouldn’t do that cause I’m a bitch.

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Lisa, April 23, 2010

Screen cap of the AIM convo please.

Anonymous, April 23, 2010


Eden Shizzle, April 23, 2010

well gosh darn tooten! you caught me! nah try again, i dont steal from the poor lol. ask your cousin, i took care of him all last weekend in austin cuz he came with 6 bucks ROFL i wasted 135 bucks taking care of people making sure they had as much food and fun as i did. so learn to point your fingers at the RIGHT people ;] ;] ;] and i IMed kelli saying “omg im in shreveport ROFL” never about stealing. hahaha and she didnt even respond. youre just a psycho stop trying to get attention.

spaz, April 23, 2010

Proper screen cap of the police report plz.

zigzag, April 23, 2010

And you didn’t screepcap the aim conversation…why? lol
And is there a reason your photo of the report is all blurry, cut off, and crooked?
Hmmm…I wonder….

spaz, April 23, 2010

Coppercab levels of fail.

JosephTalksAlot, April 23, 2010

I have a Screen cap of the Aim convo, I will include it. The police report will be ready 48 hour from 4-22-10 6pm. That is simply the report number. Here is the screen shot


Anonymous, April 23, 2010

Haha he just fucking owned eden and all you cunts

Anonymous, April 23, 2010

eden wants to go to jail, he wants to get ass raped in there and drop the soap in the shower

blablabla, April 24, 2010

Why does Eden like talking about/bringing up Nick Prugo and the “Burglar Bunch/Bling Ring”
He’s mentioned those things like four times now.

blablabla, April 24, 2010

So glad JosephTalksAlot proved everyone wrong.
I hate when you’re innocent and telling the truth and people don’t believe you. Proof is the sweetest revenge. >:]

edenshizzle, April 24, 2010

hahahaha those IMs are not from me, since I left my aim on at his house he probably said all that shit. seeing how he IMed all my friends including anthony, admitting it was him on my sn.I left WAY before 1035AM, we left at like 8 inthe morning with matty. nice try though joseph, you’re clever for a hillbilly!

Anonymous, April 24, 2010

It’s not like you’d actually man up to stealing you fucking pussy.

What kind of person steals shit from someone who is nice enough to let them stay with them?

I hope your ass gets sent to jail you fucking piece of shit.

People these days only live to leech off of others, it’s pretty fucking sad, you internet fame seekers are pathetic.

JosephTalksAlot, April 24, 2010

Actually Eden, yall left at around 11:35am because my alarm was set for 11:15am, which is when i woke up, Yall had walked to the gas station to steal beer, and when yall got back jordan, matty and travis were already here waiting on you to get back.

If you left here at 8am, you would have been back in dallas before noon, yet you werent back till almost 6pm? So before you start trying to come up with some elborate lie to try and prove me wrong just know that the warrent out for your arrrest proves me right. Not to mention you and freddy opened every cabinet and Dresser drawer in my entire 3000 square foot house. So stop talking shit. No matter how much you run your mouth online your still going to jail and I still won.

spaz, April 24, 2010

I’m not on any side of this, I just want the fucking proof posted. Until then, it’s all bullshit.

JosephTalksAlot, April 24, 2010

@Spaz you will have the proof monday or tuesday, whenever The Shreveport Police department has the police report ready.

Apparently you dont understand how police reports work. The officer that responds to the call writes a report, then turns it into the records department at the police station. 48 – 72 hours after the inital call the police report will be ready to be picked up. The Call was made on 4-22-2010 at 1800 hours (6pm) so if you would just have a little patence in the matter I will post the police report.

Anonymous, April 24, 2010

further proof that eden is a little douchebag

Anonymous, April 25, 2010

Eden was tweeting about some black guy who allegedly told them to look before they steal or some dumb shit like that.

lawl, April 25, 2010

what a pair of fucking cunt! hope they get what they deserve!

spaz, April 25, 2010

Who the fuck steals PHONE CHARGERS? Dirty little drug addicts.

Can’t wait to see if this is true or not.

Zachry Christ, April 25, 2010

may I ask why his screen name was signed on till 5:59? I don’t think that this is real? AND, what did he use to send the I.M’s? I’m assuming a different computer seeing as it say’s they were looking for a MacBook..

Eden Shizzle, April 25, 2010

ROFL!!!! i woke up to a text this morning from jared: “Joseph found his wallet ?”

exact words

EAT MY NUTS stupid internet fagz

JosephTalksAlot, April 25, 2010

Yah @Eden. I did find my wallet. But only after your boyfriend called me last night and informed me of what chair he had stuffed it under after stealing the shit out of it. Now I have my wallet. wheres my money? Jareds Check? The fact that not only did you steal from me and my family but the fact that you made us feel violated. I dont like knowing that someone has gone through all my stuff. All my kitchen cabinets, my bedroom drawers, bathroom cabinets. All my stuff getting touched. It would make anyone feel violated. Your still going to jail. So its all good 🙂

Eden Shizzle, April 26, 2010

yes, i went through your kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers because i wanted to steal your sandwiches and toenail clippers. amen, moron. my bf never called you. pathological liar, im with him 24/7 TRY AGAIN. and no, i am not going to jail. 😀

ps. why would i steal jareds check? i dont even have a fucking bank out here. im with US bank, which is in CA. not TX
and plus you can’t cash checks with other people’s names on it
and PLUS PLUS jareds awesome, i wouldnt do that in the first place.
blub blub blub, youre superlame ;]

JosephTalksAlot, April 26, 2010

I will be happy to take a picture of my call log on my phone to show where he called me you fucking moron. the arrest warrant is still active. Your goin to jail. A warrant is out for your arrest. It may not be today, or tomorrow, it may be 15 years from now. Either way. your going to jail.

JosephTalksAlot, April 26, 2010

@Eden if you didnt know, I have detailed billing and I can show you a screen shot of a Electronic bill online where @freddymichael did call me. I will include a link to the screenshot in the post.


spaz, April 27, 2010

Well, it’s Tuesday.

I don’t see anything more than bullshit.

JosephTalksAlot, April 27, 2010

Your right @spaz. You can call me out. I haven’t be able to pick the police report up yet. apparently they are “running behind” down at the police station. Since the officer didnt turn it in until friday it might not be ready till thursday or friday. Trust me. It will get posted.

Anonymous, May 1, 2010

^ aaaaaaaaaand it’s saturday!

Anonymous, May 20, 2010

So where is it, bro?

JosephTalksAlot, June 21, 2010


Theres the WArrent for his Arrest, fuck ass’s

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