Brokencyde Arrested in New Mexico (Possibly False) 25 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Other sites are reporting that the arrest was a fake news story.]

Well kids, its about time this happened. Earlier today on the popular music and news site (Ultimate-Guitar), it was reported that Brokencyde was pulled over and arrested on the spot. Charges include: Possession of illegal substances, Child Pornography, and Rape. We all know how much Sticky enjoys seeing original documents, so here’s the article:

Now that we have established Brokencyde is in custody. This is a tabloid site, not a “Come here and stick up for Brokencyde” site, so we don’t need any posts sticking up for them. So for all of you who feel the need to do so, please re-direct your attention to the article and cry me a river.

<3 Fetish

I’m sticking up for her. fail post IDGAF 32 comments

All I see lately on this site is people bitching back and forth on this girl slam mastics blogs. we have the usual stickydrama  crtique on one side and we have some people complimenting her on the other.

But it seems as if some of the hate comments or atleast as of recently are written by the same person which all lecture her about “self commenting” heres a few examples. These are all hate comments I believe to be spammed. All generally say the same thing, all have the same typing style ( especially the same style as kaykaydonyay the person who posted the fail blog about slam a few days ago)

Anonymous, May 29, 2010, 7:46 pm:

’slam’ has confirmed our worst fears 1.) she is going to make stupid posts every 3 seconds 2.) she is never going away
there are as many ‘anonymous’ self-praising self-comments in your posts as a stevie ryan thread and your posts are not interesting
now go die

Anonymous, May 29, 2010, 8:08 pm:

fake self-comments
links or they didn’t happen

Anonymous, May 29, 2010, 8:10 pm:

‘i like slam’
‘interesting post’

Then we have more:

Anonymous, May 29, 2010, 2:40 pm:

who are you ?

  • KittyValentine, May 29, 2010, 2:41 pm: lol get off the internet dirt bag, no one likes or cares who you are
  • Anonymous, May 29, 2010, 2:42 pm: can you go kill yourself please
  • If you looked at the slammastic posts you could see for yourself how close together some of the hate comments are. Some of the nice comments are alil squished together too. But most of them (atleast the ones mentioned in the examples are pretty spaced out from one another.

    Anonymous, May 29, 2010, 5:39 pm:

    Amor will have wrinkles before she turns 25. to many drugs and smoking will ruin her skin.
    Tila will be gona by the time shes 35. Oh wait isnt she already 35? lol. Shes just a old haggard ass bitch.

    keep posting, I like slams posts

    Yash, May 29, 2010, 4:37 pm:

    Finally someone agrees, I cannot stand when people say haters make me famous.
    1. No one is hating
    2. Who the hell are you? You’re not famous.
    3. Unless you become a Michelle Pham that actually succeeded from the internet and has been successful and works for Lancome and has been in magazines/news features. From being noticed in the internet as a make up artist.
    4. Not many people outside the internet might recognize you.

    These are facts.

    Anonymous, May 29, 2010, 4:08 pm:

    The funny thing is the more people complain about slams posts on stickydrama the more people seem interested. check mate :3

    good post slam!

    wow, May 29, 2010, 3:20 pm:

    The comments on top are funny. Learn to read she wasnt talking about herself there chum. The fact you didn’t recognize the sarcasm is hysterical. Good post slam

    Difference? ALL of the “nice comments” have different writing styles AND  atleast 95% of them are spaced out in time pretty well.  The irony is that  these spamhate comments all lecture her not to comment herself when in fact they are basically spamming someone and vrtually doing the same thing thus being hypocritical . Besides they seem to be the ONLY peope who actually give to shits about how many comments everybody gets. I’ll admit its strange some people praise her but I  have to admit when I read her stuff aside from the bold attitude I can’t seem to bring myself to dislike her. I think people are being rediculous trying to judge her on the what? like 3 or 4 posts shes written on this site? and NONE of them were any blatant self advertisements or boring same old same old self post like  shit.  Atleast her posts have somewhat of a purpose behind them and  are something we can relate too. I think shes really a nice girl from what I’ve seen so far. People need to get off her back and stop acting like shes trying to take over the universe or something. ALL SHE DID WAS WRITE ABOUT A TOPIC.

    I  think its cool she has a group of people that like her posts and I’ll admit the brandon hilton review made me chuckle alil bit with the whole frooty loops comment. But atleast she stands up to criticism better then most people do. Not trying to mention many users but I read her mini convo  with zigzag  who believed slam was being pompous and entitled and I think she explained her self in a clear way. I do agree with zigzag to a point but I really doubt shes trying to be  “THE QUEEN OF STICKYDRAMA”  or anything like that. I only think that because in her blogs she does sound like a pretentious little cunt but  when you read her comments – even in response to criticism she seems very friendly and levelheaded.

    thats about all I wanted to say, I wasn’t trying to write an essay. But I guess stickydrama could use atleast one author who  we can count on to start a pretty interesting discussion. If slams reading this I just want you to know that despite what some nasty people say there is a small population of users that really like your posts. AND PLEASE TELL US EXACTLY HOW MUCH FROOTY LOOPS COSTS! LMAO.

    THANKS 😀

    @jaGKson Jackson Jawbreaker PAYS for adds 25 comments

    So I’m pretty sure that most of the people on this site have heard of Jackson Jawbreaker. I have always been curious as to how this kid got a pretty impressive friend count of over 23,000. (If myspace was still relevant.) Jackson hasn’t done anything too amazing, going his little bit of notability from being a mod in Kiki Kannibal’s live, his twitter fight with Audrey Kitching (which I posted about before), and miscellaneous photoshop blunders and efaggot fights. Well, I think I found my answer. I was on, one of the most popular and used friend-adder sites for myspace. I was trying to add some people to my band’s myspace when I came across Jackson’s picture. Now, I know that almost everyone has used one of those types of sites at one time or another, but the thing was, he was in the VIP section. To get in the VIP section you have to pay. At the time I saw this there was about 30 days left of his VIP status on the site, meaning he paid at LEAST $75 for this. I think it’s pathetic to have to pay to get people to add you. I only care enough to post this because this kid always acts like he’s better than everyone else, and kindof gets under my skin.

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    KiKi Kon Artist 73 comments

    As if it’s a surprise that Kiki Kannibal’s commercial site is  is on Look what one of her customers has to say:

    “This girl Kirsten Ostrenga better known as Kiki Kannibal and her mother Cathy Ostrenga are running a scam operation on  They sell busted jewelery and t-shirts that completley fall apart after one wash. I have read many reports of her scams but I was stupid enough to buy from her anyway.

    The necklace I got came broken in half and the t-shirt was a little ripped, completly falling apart after one wash. When I emailed her politely for help she responded ‘We don’t do refunds get over it’ when I persisted she told me I ‘should be more concerned about my weight than buying her jewelery or clothes anyway.’ Beware and please do not buy from this website you are just letting kiki and her mom stealing your hard earned money.”

    Who would be dumb enough to support them?  Her online responses are outright rude and unprofessional. Well that’s what you get when you buy from a teenager and her mother who lives vicariously through her.  Do yourself a favor and refrain from buying anything there so this scam will end.

    Seriously @Brandon_Hilton? 31 comments

    Hey everyone! I am here with the 732nd post about Brandon Hilton.

    Brandon came out with his newest music video “I Just Wanna Dance” earlier this week. Although before hand he had a promo video explaining what to expect in the up and coming video. As I watched I noticed even more times where he copies Lady Gaga.

    The video:

    The videos starts off with the BH logo flashing to the beat of the music this is very similar to the logo Gaga used when she used to do her “Gaga Vision” video documentaries.

    As the video goes on he talks about the plot of the video and a bunch of other lulzy shit like “I was like umm why are you walking away from me!?” when the “hot guy” He had his eyes on walks leaves when he sees Brandon.

    Eventually Brandon talks about the “Sexual Symbol” that he has created that you will see during the video in the club scenes. This seems an awful like the “Paws” concept Lady Gaga had come up with for her “Little Monsters” when they are dancing. I thought this until the end of the video where he starts mimicking the “Eye of Providence” symbol that Gaga does in most of her videos.

    Not only that but he also made the hand gun shortly after much like Gaga did in “Telephone.”

    There is no way he did not intend on coping her. He has no shame that he is trying to leech off of someone for fame.

    Other than that I also found this on his twitter and annotated it myself.

    Anyway, I am just waiting till he changes his name to Brandon Gaga and comes out with some other knock off Gaga songs like Game Face, Cellular Phone, or Crap Romance.

    I hope you enjoyed this!


    @EdenShizzle and @FreddyMichael are Thieves 31 comments

    So for anyone that doesn’t know @EdenShizzle has moved to Dallas, TX with his underage boyfriend @FreddyMichael.  A few nights ago I was nice enough to allow them to stay with me when they came to Shreveport, LA.  Not knowing that @FreddyMichael was a raging kleptomaniac I fell asleep once I thought he was asleep.  Turns out the pair had the idea to steal from me the whole time.  When I awoke from my much needed beauty sleep (seeing as you all call me ugly already)  I noticed my wallet was missing, along with all the money in it and personal information.  Then after some more searching around my house we noticed that my room mate @JaredJigsaw’s paycheck was missing along with some other items.  Including cell phone chargers, cigarettes and possibly some jewelry.  Well seeing as we had no evidence we simply made a police report saying the items were missing.  Later that day I decided to get on my computer to check my facebook and aim.  Then I noticed there was an IM opened with @KelliFromCompton and realized @EdenShizzle had left his AIM logged in.  I noticed in the conversation they were talking about trying to find my macbook to steal and how they “felt bad for stealing.”  Well this is simply my post to explain to everyone that they are theives.  I am also going to include a screen shot of the report number for the arrest warrants issued for their detainment.  Because according to @EdenShizzle and @FreddyMichael I’m a bitch for calling the cops and I wouldn’t do that cause I’m a bitch.

    Spanky/DotDotCurve Is a Dumb Piece of Trailer Trash 11 comments

    Hey It’s Rex
    Excuse the quality of my post as it is my first!
    so forever ago I was looking for a back pack and as I browsed through my myspace bulletins I discovered Dot Dot Curve had stuff left over from tour and he was selling Ipods, Iphones, Shirts, and Bags

    When I heard bags I excitedly thought “Oh, Sweet a Dot Dot Curve back pack that would be so cool! I’ma buy!”

    So I inquired as to how I could purchase a bag and then we started talking

    Wigga Please

    And Then I started to get paranoid I was being Scammed
    Broke Pot Head Wigger PROOF
    In the end I never got my fucking bag and Spanky prolly used my money to buy more hair bleach and blow
    I learned my lesson, imagine if I would have bough an iPhone for ninety dollars!
    Dear Spanky quit copying brokencyde & Hollywood undead stop smoking and wash your hair

    @Austincarlile is a Hypocrite to Fan 10 comments

    Okay so I have an extension for my Firefox that saves all the tweets, even the deleted ones.

    Austin Carlile made a twitt saying “All we had left were these CRAPPY SHIRTS. So I sold all of them for $5 to these rad kids!” Then he deleted the tweett because he know he shouldn’t have said that to his DELUDE “fans”.

    Click to enlarge:

    Click to enlarge

    And here the bunch of ugly losers believing in this douchebag:

    Click to enlarge

    These are maybe one of the things why he got kicked from TWO bands SO fast.

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