@candicealice went from @slutwhoremanuel to @ghostcrane?! 69 comments

wtf.  Here’s candice with the new “love of her life”

He’s gross and ugly.  They haven’t been together for a very long and they already have matching tattoos! Completely crazy if you ask me.


Way hotter than this ghostcrane person, IMHO.  To me, you should always upgrade from your last bf/gf/fuck buddy. Candice certainly did not…but looks like Manuel did:


From what he’s said on his twitter it sounds like these two are dating:)

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Anonymous, April 1, 2010

Both of em have shitty tats.

Anonymous, April 1, 2010

Anonymous said,April 1st, 2010 at 6:59 pm
and to that idiot that commented that scene died years ago?? How could that be if it only started in the mid 2000’s lol before that was only early emo … u were obviously excluded so now you hold some kind of grudge


Anonymous, April 1, 2010

manduhbaby chick is so much prettier then candice. shes way better for manuel and they make a cuter couple. manuel and manduh are both skinny and candice and ghostcrane are both fat! there everyone wins in the end!

Anonymous, April 1, 2010

Noone carees!!
Go die in aholee.

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

HAHAHAHHA Manduh is wayyyy uglier than candice. seriously, she is an super skinny slut with no tits. Candice isn’t pretty either but she is better looking than Manduh. HAHAH Manuel is a whore, he deserves Candice breaking up with him.

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

are you serious… candice is fat the only thing good about her is her tits witch arent that great anyways! oh wait cant forget that double chin of hers! yummy!!!!!!!!

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

too many people are caring about this. fail post.

manduh…, April 2, 2010

Blahblahblah the whole no tits and slut thing is REALLY getting fucking old. I know I wasn’t blessed with tits so
fucking what get OVER it…I’m over it and I have to live with it, imagine that! and of course everyone’s a fucking slut In this world…that’s the only other word that comes out of girls mouths when describing another girl they “dislike”.Here’s what i have to say to ALLLL you little fuckers, in a year or two this website will
probably be nothing…INTERNET celebrities eventually die out…so no ones really gona fucking care about who YOU are
as an “internet celebrity” OR what this site is all about in a 2 years..who ever posted this thanks for
calling me an upgrade and all but honestly I really don’t care to be posted on this it’s a waste of my time
to even come on here to call all of you out but your all pretty much lame for having to take the time out of your
day to write something negative about someone else…does it really make you happy now that you just put someone down? I think even if they deserve to be called out that they don’t do it through “sticky drama”. Its their lives let them whore themselves around! I have nothing else to saaaaaaaaay tooooo thiiiiiiiiiisssss
and I will not be on here to see if anyone has anything else to say about this post cuz
I really truly HONESTLY don’t give a flying fuck bout what you have to say about me or Manuel or Candice or Sean or anyone on here for that matter.
goooooo getttt laaaaaaaaidddd

Oh and p.s. I did NOT “self write” this post. Who ever thinks I did can suck a fat one
I was probably asleep, or actually living my life/too busy to be even thinking about typing something on here dumb fuck.

Anonymous, April 2, 2010


oh look its candice alice doing a strip tease on stickam!

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

i dont get why everyone is calling candice fat. she looks skinny?

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

to anon 9:50 … scene is dead? don’t you mean you WISHED scene was dead?? jealous bitch. how could it have died out years ago when it only STARTED a few years ago?? that would cancel each other out lol keep dreaming asshole. and what exactly do you want to take it’s place?? if you want gay go look at a hipster with a mullet and an ‘ironic’ mustache riding a fixed gear …

VOLDEMORT, April 2, 2010

Candice is a stupid stuck up bitch who goes to my school. She thinks she is hot shit and resorts to giving me the fucking DIRTIEST looks to my friends and I. Without your makeup, you look like a down syndrome troll. Get your head out of your ass. BTW. Your haircut on your mannequin head looks so fucking gross. I have no idea how you passed core into Adaptive.

From: The girl who you glare at through your drugged up tranny eyes.

anon, April 2, 2010


kc, April 2, 2010

^^no we don’t. we are soulless monsters who wish to eat the hearts of normal people.

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

i couldnt give a fuck less,tbh.her new man looks like like a fucking snorlax.USE THE SILVER POKEBALL.

cortneyjoe, April 3, 2010

As one of candice’s actual friends not her “myspace” friend I think this is rediculous that people actually still bother with this website. Not to mention you people calling her fat while you hide behind your computer screens. Our generation is going to shit and your all helping. Get off the computer and worry about your own life. Candice and her boyfriend are good people. Stop judging.

Anonymous, April 5, 2010

Scene IS dead. Candice is NOT fat. Manuel is amazing. Her boyfriend is perfect for her. Manda is gorgeous. All of you are pathetic. You guys wish you knew them. I’m not scene, and I’m close to them than you ever will be whoever said scene is not dead. Seriously. I know this site is for gossip, not jealousy and judgment. You guys are all just jealous of her. She’s a sweetheart. And so is Manuel. They didn’t work. Get over it. I love how all of you put so much effort into being obsessed with somebody elses life. It’s quite SAD!



coolieo, April 27, 2010

manduh gtfo you fat ugly cunt you posted this yourself
so go kick rocks eww candace is ughlay a fire crotch and has no ass.
her bf down syndrome slutwhoremanuel spic nuff said

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