@Brandon_Hilton really THINKS he is the bee’s knees. 15 comments

@’ing Lindsay Lohan? He’s just like the other little teeny-boppers @’ing their favorite celebs like they’re best friends. NOTE: They’re not going to talk to you.

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glitterwhore, April 25, 2010

bahahaha this makes me laugh

Anonymous, April 25, 2010

He’s a delusional fucktard.

Lily, April 25, 2010

Lol fucking loser, god i hate him =]

Anonymous, April 25, 2010

Wow this kid needs a life off the internet. xD

MP3 Tha Truth Tella, April 25, 2010

whats even funnier is how the person who wrote this DAN barely has any friends or followers or any site he is on, but he thinks he’s so much better than these people he cracks on. OH and now he is also trying to do music… LMFAO…. you fail is life dan, kill yourself!

MP3 Tha Truth Tella, April 25, 2010

it would seem that ‘DAN’ is just jealous because he looks like a mongoloid retard reject baby, and brandon hilton is actually pretty and making a name for himself. you are NO ONE until you have haters! TRUTH TELLA!

becky, April 25, 2010

hi brandon! ^^^

Anonymous, April 25, 2010

Yeah, and you’re no one until you have fans either, so STFU Brandon.

And get help. You’re clearly suffering from some sort of personality disorder and/or delusions. I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous, April 26, 2010

Brandon is one of them people that if he killed himself over cyber bullying, no one would give a fuck

@TaylorMassacre, April 26, 2010

@MP3 Tha Truth Tella

Lmao stfu brandon.

Anonymous, April 26, 2010

He’s tweeting Lindsay Lohan because she’s been re-tweeting nice tweets by fans about herself. That’s what he’s doing to “make a name for himself”. Dude has NO shame.

shaniqua williams, April 26, 2010

Who likes to pop thier pussy 🙂

shaniqua williams, April 26, 2010


Anonymous, April 26, 2010

I really hope one day when he’s performing, someone just like throws a glass bottle at him and knocks him out, maybe it’ll knock some sense into his fucking retarded head, and he’ll leave the music business. His music is seriously a shame to artists with actual talent, because the sad thing is, this is the shit that gets on the radio before people with genuine singing voices and actual instruments.

danwritessins, April 26, 2010

lmfao, it’s already been discovered that the stickydrama account “mp3 the truth tella” is a mule account of brandon… and he just proved that again by insulting my music, which barely anybody knows about, yet he does because he was saying how it’ll never work, messaging me on myspace, even though HIS music was a complete success, am I right? lmfao.

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