Myspace kids that Time Forgot … and more Brandon Failton. 6 comments

Sticky Drama has most likely gone to the dogs, while I appreciate that Chris needs to make money in order to sustain his existence as well as this site, I think we can all agree the pop ups and redirected pages are pissing us off.

Add to that the fact that Amor Hilton has gotten boring, so much hypocrisy is only interesting for a limited amount of time (and I doubt anything else she does now will surprise us), Dahvies suspected kiddie fiddling is frankly overdone and I think we are all aware that Taryn Elizabeth is not a size 0 and spends too many hours on photoshop.

To write a decent post, I have to either go on about the same deluded events that amalgamate to become Brandon Hiltons life. On troll the graveyard of Myspace for some lulz.

Introducing ‘Tri$h Brutal’ whose 33K of inactive myspace friends are enough to convince her that a circa 2007 coon-tail hair style is still socially acceptable. She also happens to own a copy of Photoshop and the handbook of ‘Fat Girl Angle Shots for SIF’s and Dummies’.

She also has somehow managed to procreate (She has a 9 month old son). Surprise surprise, the guy featured in the photo is not the father, but her internet boyfriend turned IRL BF. At this point I will add that according to her myspace she is 20 (so unusually this was all legal..unless she committed statutory rape herself).

Because for my writing ability, I feel that this is a terrible post, I will finish it with a crescendo of fail, by feeding @BrandonHilton’s ego.

Watch this video of one of his terrible shows
How much money are you wasting on your failing attempt of a music career Brandon? Did you even pay for the cardboard cut-out at the front to make it look like someone would bother watching this bar your poor Mother?

So, I don’t want to promote @BrandonHilton, 23 comments

but has anyone else seen the trailer for his new ‘movie’?

I’m surprised. It actually looks legitimate, although completely terrible.

I don’t think you could pay me enough to watch the actual ‘film,’ but here’s the link to the trailer:

@BrandonHilton Faking Suspiciously Praising Music Reviews? 20 comments

Legitimate fan or desperate self-made account? Discuss.

@BrandonHilton, do you know your months? 25 comments

I stumbled upon BH’s facebook earlier, and saw for the first time, an actual DATE associated with his “ZOMG-GOING-TO-BE-AMAZING” EP, that he has been planning for about 9.3 decades now.
Yet… it says March. Last time I checked, this is July.

…oh wait, I just happened to see people talking about it being released on itunes today? oh god, save us all.

@Brandon_Hilton Actually Meets @LadyGaga?! 44 comments

Not like this is important anyway, but after reading a recent post on Brandon Fagton and loling at his fail, I couldn’t help but go onto youtube to see what other fails I could laugh at. Apparently, I had stumbled onto a video of him with “Lady Gaga.”

True or false, really, what do you think?

(Yes I know this gives him the attention that cocksucker wants but IDC..)

Yet Another @Brandon_Hilton Exposé 19 comments

Like a lot of you I’m sick of seeing Brandon Hiltons lies.

First off If anyone has any of the pictures of Lady Gaga with him that are not the photoshopped versions please submit so we can take the grin off his face.

Secondly lets move onto his duet with Lady Gaga, ‘Earthquake’ is really a badly edited version of Lady Gaga’s song ‘then you’d love me’
He has stated on Paris Hiltons website telling her this single will be released in June.

Well this is July now so where is it Brandon? When will it be released? I’m sure your best friend Lady Gaga would can’t wait to file the lawsuit against you once it’s released unless you buy your way out of this one and ask for editing rights.

Also you are trying to claim that the picture of you and Paris was printed in D magazine.

NO BRANDON ‘PARTY PICS’ ON A WEBSITE IS NOT A MAGAZINE, just because the name literally says magazine in it doesn’t mean every party pic the have put up goes in a magazine.
Also you claim that you ‘hung out’ no bumped into her or more likely STALKED her at a club.

Proving you’re the idiot everyone claims you are you think someone has made a fake of you on the Paris website as someone had already used the name BrandonHilton. That doesn’t mean there is a fake of you it just means that someone named Brandon had already made an account and added Hilton to the end just like all the Paris Hilton fans have done on her site. It’s not rocket science.

Next, you claim that you COULD be related and people think you look alike, yeah i’m sure Paris will love that you just said she looked like a chubby big nosed idiot. Don’t think she’ll want to ‘hang out’ with you ever again after that one. And i’m no expert of Brandon Hilton as i’ve only just heard about him over the past few months because of this website BUT i’m pretty sure his surname is NOT hilton as he is claiming in the comments.

That is all for one night, when I can be bothered uncovering Brandons lies more then I will post again.

@Brandon_Hilton’s Shameless Spam 45 comments

After the new Jeffree Star single, “Size of Your Boat”, was released I posted on here. And everyone seemed to be giving good reviews about the song in their comments….
Until I came across this..

Like..REALLY?! Are you THAT narcissistic that you have to comment on post and advertise your own music. And honestly I havent even heard about this “Brandon Hilton” until a week ago when I really started looking over this site. So if he thinks he’s getting any fame..he can get that out of his head right now. I think he deserves absolutely ZERO credit for his music as far as I am concerned. In an earlier post I read about him, I read he STOLE a song from someone. Yeah honey, Im sure Gaga loves frauds and cheats. If only she knew. You’d be in the same place you are now…at home, in your basement sitting on myspace all day long begging for people to listen to your music. If you’re SOO famous why are you so desperate for credit on your music. Have fun playing in an empty venue in three weeks.

If what you want is an advertisment Brandon here you go…vist this site and listen to his Chart Topping tunes (HA!)

@BrandonHilton In a Movie? 56 comments

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Most of us know the attention hungry, super queer Brandon Hilton. He’s known for his shitty music and being e-famous. ‘Cause that’s gonna get you some straight up V.I.P treatment isn’t it, Brandon? So I guess he’s starring in a movie called ‘Midnight Cabaret’. First of all, by the way his music sounds, I don’t think his acting can get much worse, but it also probably can’t get any better. Oh and what kind of people would let Brandon Hilton into their movie? Honestly?
I cannot wait until this, as Brandon puts it, SEXUAL trailer premieres. I’m sure it’ll be rather lulworthy.

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