poor, poor brandon hilton 58 comments

we should pity him so much for his unfortunate 4th.

what do you all think, real or fake?

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Anonymous, July 6, 2009

“I’m pretty so I naturally bring this on myself”
Way to shoot yourself in the other foot.

Anonymous, July 6, 2009

He posted other blogs on his twitter! Talk about a fucking attention whore!!!
I don’t care about the pics not being posted however he should post the police report and the documents for the restraining order.
I’m sorry but I work with rape victims every day, not one of them has shown the behavior he has shown after being raped, beaten, and kidnapped.
If he is saying how he doesn’t want to post the pics because he doesn’t want to be reminded of it, well he is obviously lying because by him posting on every website about this, he is already being reminded.
His friends saying he was raped doesn’t prove ANYTHING. His friends lie for him all the fucking time about his “fame” and of course they are going to go along with his stupid stories.
Brandon, NOBODY believes you. You are a liar and a sick individual. You are a racist piece of shit and you should be ashamed of yourself

Anonymous, July 6, 2009

Also, brandon, why don’t you take a picture of the hospital bracelet which EVERY person admitted into the ER gets.

KC, July 6, 2009

new post about this coming soon 😀

Anonymous, July 6, 2009

LOL twitterwhore.

DanWritesSins, July 9, 2009


gagagagaga, July 11, 2009

if everyone notices
it says from the web
after all his tweets about his rape
and he claims he was mobile off some expensive phone
im always mobile on twitter and it says
MOBILE, after each tweet, not web hes a fucking liar
and a dumb ass liar to top it all off

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