missmariikate is a FAKE 4 comments

http://www.stickam.com/missmariikate is a FAKE. Ask her to get on webcam and make you a sign, or make you a picture sign, she can’t do it. http://www.stickam.com/missmariikate is probably a 50 year old fat guy, you have her in your buddylist be careful.

Kiki GTFO off the throne. STACY IS HERE TO STAY! 32 comments


Ex-Scene queen Kiki Kannibal has nothing on our newest precious find Stacy Raposo.

Stacy comments “Hoe, I think it’s time you get off the throne and let someone with REAL booty fill it up the way it’s supposed. I’m so big and famous it might break but my fans will rush to make me a new one”.

Besides spending most of her time in local McDonalds, Taco Bells and Buffets, she’s easily spotted hanging around with younger friends because she’s TOO good for people her age.

She spends a lot of her time on Stickam and loves writing in big red font (she loves being the biggest in everything) , she typos one out of every three word she writes due to the fact that she has a learning disorder in the brain so we have to “understand”. (It’s more like a life disorder, j/s.)

She’s also a famous youtuber with plenty of subscribers and people that comment and rate her videos, sadly the ratings are usually 0 and the comments are hate or spam but still.

She’s all guy crazy and isn’t currently dating at the moment because boyfriends are for ugly people, she gets a new guy date every single day(Should be stated that the guys she dates charge by minute, not hour). With those looks I don’t know a single black grandpa that wouldn’t tap that.

She’s currently working 4 hours a night at a college kitchen, yes a kitchen, go figure to pay for most of her expenses which vary from food, big sized clothes, new chairs&beds to replace the broken, and food but mostly everything is paid by her mom. Stacy is currently 27 years old in Kansas and is living life at it’s fullest. (In her mom’s living room).

All hail your queen.





Jayjay Jaye: caught pedophile! 59 comments


For the past month I’ve been looking into this shady character who goes into Matthew Lush’s room under the name of Jayjay. He claims to be 23 years of age residing in California and appears to be a normal person, until you get entangled by his lies. He lures 14 year old girls into his live with sad excuses about how he is suicidal and just wants to talk. After he gets the girl to know him he says hes a former cancer patient, girls never liked him and he rarely gets a boner now. At which point he proceeds in getting innocent girls to “try and get him hard”.

It’s shocking and appalling because when you’re inside his live most of the time he is planning his next prey. He is currently playing innocent 14 year old Juliet *******. He made her think she’s in love with him and now she will do anything he pleases. He has played plenty of girls before and I think it’s time this comes to a stop. It’s not right for deranged 23 year olds to be corrupting the minds of innocent little girls, extremely not right when he uses cancer as a fake excuse to get girls to feel sorry for him, get naked and love him.

If anyone has any information about his whereabouts I’d like the authorities informed. His facebook changes with prey currently he goes by the alias Jayjay Jaye.



Here’s the profile of the 14 year girl who should be warned.