Frankie Spankie … SLUT ALERT! 27 comments

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This E.T. looking mother fucker is the new slut of sluts if you ask me. I’ve herd a lot of stuff recently about the scandals he has been having such as going out with countless amounts of people. One of these girls being 14. He is 18. He tried getting this girl in AZ to move in with him while he has been dating these other girls and told her he is not involved with anyone or hasn’t hooked up with anyone in months. I hear he goes to these little parties with these little girls and while other people are hooking up he will invite his fingers up in a girls you know where and yeah. While doing all this he still gathers lots of other girls to do this to. Oh and the other crazy thing is he will do all this in front of the girls he dates. On top of all this dirty slut business he also likes to pick fights with people but every time things are gonna go down he bitches out or gets his friends to fight for him. Kinda lame if you ask me. Anyways. I just wanted to let everyone know if you want to get involved with this boy know his history from the past few months first. :]