There’s a thin line betwe… No comments

@stevie_ryan: There’s a thin line between beneficial giving and destructive giving.

It’s not good to take car… No comments

@stevie_ryan: It’s not good to take care of people that take advantage of you just so they can avoid responsibility.

I thought I grew some new… No comments

@stevie_ryan: I thought I grew some new moles & a birthmark but it was just chocolate syrup from earlier 🙁

Snooki & Jwow are bit… No comments

@stevie_ryan: Snooki & Jwow are bitches for not telling Sam. Ronnie is disgusting & they let him crawl in her bed? Gross. Trust no one. People are dicks.

Ewwwwww! I hate Ronnie an… No comments

@stevie_ryan: Ewwwwww! I hate Ronnie and his roid rage fits. He looks like the tasmanian devil.

@ZETA_NEVE Nope! Any bust… No comments

@stevie_ryan: @ZETA_NEVE Nope! Any busted hair is fine!

LOLZ at the footage I’m i… No comments

@stevie_ryan: LOLZ at the footage I’m importing of me making @SarahMorrison be “hipster sexy” on my floor.

I need bad hair/weave pho… No comments

@stevie_ryan: I need bad hair/weave photos! please send em too

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