@AmorHilton breaks up with @ChrisHollywood1 52 comments

what do you all think?

I think that she’s better off without him. he’s not that great looking and his band sucks. Also, if he really did cheat on her, I would hope she wouldn’t stay with a guy like that.

@ChrisHollywood1 Quitting BVB? 50 comments

I may be behind on this news…but I just saw a bulletin from amor about it.


anyone know why?

oh and is it just me, or does he look like a girl in this picture?


@AmorHilton not to be in Inked…or Prick? 47 comments

o rly?

Remember Sammi Scene? 49 comments

yeah probably not. she goes by sammi leigh now.

anyways, she’s pregnant! with a huge ass belly, quite cute actually. but that’s not what I’m really posting about. let’s address the issue with her hair.

beginning of the pregnancy:

a blackish shade.

further in:

with purple.

and now:


didn’t anyone inform this girl that it is dangerous to dye your hair while pregnant? it’s very bad for the baby…those chemicals don’t just sit on your head dear.

@amorhilton going to be in Inked Magazine? 43 comments

I’ll believe it when I see the proof:) until then, I hold my verdict.

@kellicomptonn’s request 59 comments

I can only assume that kelli is refering to amor and possibly these:

is kelli justified in her request?

and why is there still a picture of amor with ryan on her page?

Blatant lie 26 comments

told by, of course, amor.

oh really amor? so I was imagining seeing your 14 year old banana boobs a few months back? uh yeah. right. still scarred from that.

please, stop using other people to further your lies. I hate to see Bree get invovled.

Jeffree Star-anger problem? 14 comments

while reading old posts I stumbled across this:


it contains a video, in which Jeffree goes off on some random guy.

and then Anthony posted about Jeffree tazering someone at warped tour, just for throwing some water on his royal self.


There’s also other posts about various cat fights Jeffree has had with other internet “celebrities.”

and most recently, when he threw Daniel off his tour, Jeffree mentioned beating the shit out of Daniel and burning his clothes and giving his shoes away. Also, his newest video features him and his band singing a nice little song about Daniel.

idgaf if this is a fail post. 🙂

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