@JeffreeStar Does Drugs? 29 comments

So Jeffree tweeted last night that he was high:

Of course he could be lying or being overly dramatic … or he could actually be on drugs. I’m guessing coke considering how skinny he is … maybe he’ll share with Dahvie?

@candicealice went from @slutwhoremanuel to @ghostcrane?! 69 comments

wtf.  Here’s candice with the new “love of her life”

He’s gross and ugly.  They haven’t been together for a very long and they already have matching tattoos! Completely crazy if you ask me.


Way hotter than this ghostcrane person, IMHO.  To me, you should always upgrade from your last bf/gf/fuck buddy. Candice certainly did not…but looks like Manuel did:


From what he’s said on his twitter it sounds like these two are dating:)

Even @dakotakoti thinks her sister’s relationship is pointless 28 comments

Of course, she IS the smarter one.

MAN THE HARPOONS! 66 comments


really @candicealice? 25 comments

are you so desperate for followers that you really made an Event on myspace for your own twitter?

ps, you look horrible when you stick out your tongue like that, not cute.

@chrishollywood1 doing transgender, among other things 57 comments

oh chris hollywood. I really do love this guy. I mean, who wouldn’t? he’s a rockstar and a model. he’s just so fine, all the girls want him. don’t believe me? here’s some proof.

he’s in the amazing band black veil brides. it says right on his profile!

oh wait! he’s not listed in the band members on the bvb page!

nor is he in the band’s default!

those bastards! I’m sure the split was mutual and everyone’s still friends. right?

oh and if you were wondering, chris totally does NOT do drugs. Andy 6 is totally lying in his blog where he implies that members were kicked out of the band and that it was drug related. I mean, he’s just the lead singer of bvb. totally not near as important as chris. Chris still has andy in his top friends but andy doesn’t have chris in his! andy obviously have an issue with chris.

chris is a real rockstar and would never do any of that…If only having 14 year olds fans and thanking them daily on twitter makes you a rockstar, than hey! break out the meth- I mean not meth cause he doesn’t do drugs and he doesn’t have pock marks…well actually many people who’ve seen him in person will concurr that he has pock marks. now, we all know you CAN get pock marks from doing meth but since he’s so perfect we’re guessing this is just another rumor…you know, just like the one of him being an actual rockstar.

aside from having pockmarks and trying to make his mark in the music industry it’s also been told he has herpes. now, we’re not pointing fingers, but I’ve told that this is true, by one angry groupie who’s fucked him multiple times.

anyways, chris is currently recording with some different people and I’m sure it’s going to be totally awesome. I’ve heard that him and that woman-man thing called “Pan” are are starting a band. I’m so excited! I’m gonna be at all their shows, like worshipping chris cuz he’s totally worthy off all my worship and praise. Though, rumor has it that Pan (who looks like amor but with black hair) and Chris are fucking…bitch better get off my man.

and oh my god, he’s so hot. have I mentioned that? I mean, just look at these pictures. how can you not find him attractive? I seriously have spontainious orgasms at the sight of his face. I just can’t control myself.

and whatever anyway says, he does not look like a horse!

totally not horse like…right?!

he’s soooo famous. I mean, look at how many followers he has on twitter!

I mean, completely ignore the fact that his most recent ex, amor hilton, has twice the amount of followers and she’s not even in a band.

Chris is especially on alert to piss amor off in some way he’s starting to tweet @ 17 year old kiki.

It’s weird cuz he’s in his 20s and it’s been confirmed by his ex girlfriend he’s actually MARRIED. yes married, as in legally married. So, how’d that work when he was fucking amor? and why on earth would he try and hide something like that?
oh maybe its because his wife is not up to his high “hollywood” standards and plus, being married sure cramps the rockstar lifestyle. can’t do meth and get with various hollywood hoes.
oh wait. he doesn’t do any of that….RIGHT?! it says right on his profile that he’s single! he would never lie about that…RIGHT?!

anyways. I’m gonna go touch myself while looking at his shirtless pictures:)

@amorhilton blahblahblahblah still holding on to @chrishollywood1 blahblah? 33 comments

Another amazing post about our most favorite person in the internet world (besides kiki of course).

looks like amor’s still got a picture of her and chris on her profile.

and I doubt it’s an oversight considering she just changed her profile layout.

also, since when is she going to college? how on earth is she finding time between hosting club nights and being a pinup model to go to school? and what are these “more intense” things? taking off all her clothes and climbing on the pole perhaps?

OMGZ!!! @Brandon_Hilton’s New Single on the Radio? 53 comments


10 stations.  Well aren’t you Mr. Famous?  Your podunk local station doesn’t count, Brandon dearest.  Pretty sure it’s not playing on MY radio … if it ever does, I’ll slit my wrists and go take a nice little bath.

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