Johnny Death @ogkushking 26 comments

For those of us who hate the loser johnny death (because we all know he is a creep) I saw him under his new stickam id its_johnnydeath and get this. he put his age as being 16 i guess so he can get into underage girls live.


But I saw him in brigitteisadrug’s live last night who he says is his gf.  I started talking shit on him saying how he is a creep and stuff and i messaged him and asked him where he was staying since he got kicked out of daddy’s condo and he said he just bought a brand new condo.  I asked him if and the key word is if he did buy one is it with the money he stole from people he laughed and then said he was a mod in her live and banned me so i guess the creep will never change.