Dahvie Vanity is still up to the same shit he’s been doing for years No comments

Mr Dahvie Vanity is still up to his same old shit. Also Damien (formerly known as Jessi Slaughter) has also posted publicly that he did infact have sex with her and was very abusive with her when she was 10-11 years old. Him and his fans bullied her to recant and not go through with pressing charges. There has been a number of other accusations against him in the last couple years for rape and assault. I’ve witnessed him punching a girl in the face and strangling her after a show, totally unprovoked. They were good friends prior to that. And again saw him beating on a girl outside Bar Sinister in Hollywood. My friend tried to help the girl and he put his hand on her face, called her a cunt and shoved her really hard backwards. This resulted in my friends boyfriend at the time fighting him (there’s video of this).

Rumor has it he got caught by the IRS for tax evasion and has to pay $500 a month for 5 years but he’s still claiming he’s rich. He’s put on sites that his net worth is like $3 million, which is bullshit. He can’t afford to pay people that work for him, he never sends out merch to his fans and his tours keep getting cancelled cause venues are catching wind of him diddling kids. Speaking of kids, he lives with his fiancee Fallon Maressa (aka Fallon Vendetta), her husband Patrick Maressa and young children in Pottsville, PA.

I’ve heard from several people that he is facing charges on something but no one has been able to find any info on these charges or anything other than that one thing you posted from 2009 which he claims to his fans is photoshopped. Any screen shots people post of him soliciting minors for nudes or asking them for sexual favors he says is photoshopped. Anyone that speaks out against things he’s done to him are lying and trying to defame him. He never takes responsibility for his actions, he always puts the blame on everyone else. I don’t know if you are still able to obtain any information on him that is not floating around on the internet. I know the allegations started prior to him starting BOTDF when he was just a wannabe hair stylist in Florida. It’s time he gets registered as a sex offender and spends time in prison.