It’s Toucan Sam! 50 comments


Nice eye liner faggot.

This kid threatens to call the cops on everyone who is mean to him and crys about EVERYTHING, pretty entertaining.

Fat Aussie Records Jailbait And Funny Trolling 27 comments

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So this all started out as some random chick who came in my friends live and while we were fucking with her she randomly said this:


So being the shit heads that we are, we started lying and saying we saw it and knew it was her and all this shit to freak her out and piss her off THEN she said this….

AND ADMITTED IT WAS HER HAHAHAH seriously i have never laughed so hard in my life! I mean we were just bullshitting and got that out of her lmao

And shes only 15, very typical for this to happen to girls at this age but the guy who did it is a CREEPER
She told us people that he brags about having caps of such as, who is also 15 haha
The creeper who did it
Hes actually 19 but lies on his profile
She sent me his n00dz so ill post those on n00dz as “Fat Aussie Creeper”
The chick that told us EVERYTHING lmao didn’t even know her

Anyways i thought it was hilarious and i thought that i would share 🙂
Trolling can lead to some weird shit sometimes!

Oh Poor @BarbieBullshit 6 comments

This made me lol

Maybe not looking like a slut would help.

Oh and whats makes her think she’s not a nasty girl?
Btw, nice dp huh..

@AmorHilton & @KellyAnneChaos Drama 42 comments

If you haven’t read the post on what Kelly blogged about Amor you should probably go read that so this makes more sense.



Amor killed her cat?? That’s pretty fucked up and disgusting.
If this all ended with a fist fight that would be pretty awesome.

God Damn @dakotakoti 53 comments

Dakota Kannibal, shes waay cooler than her sister so im not bashing her buuut..


God damn, disturbingly skinny.

Kiki Kannibal and BOTDF 27 comments

Its an old video with fatty Dahvie beating a J Star pinata, and you can see Kiki off to the side, someone needs to find more videos of this concert so i can LOL at Kiki attempting to “sing.”
Funny how BOTDF and Jeffree Star are making a song and going on tour together now hmm..

Nice tiny crowd fags.

4DBLING Gets fucking buuurned! 31 comments

I was surfing myspace when i came across this huge faggot, 4DBLING, one of the worst “rappers” ive ever heard, and on one of his gay little scene girl pictures was this comment from some band RAWHIDE…

Heres the picture..


The amazing burn:
Been wanting to get this off our chest for awhile now…..uhhhh..if this offends you..fight us:

i didn’t know jefferee star lived in charleston.
i heard the rumors about lady gaga, but i didn’t expext them to be true.
when did jefferee star change his hair color?
do the shorts come in men’s sizes or just gay?
i’ve had my back waxed before, and that hurt, but i can’t even imagine what it’s like to get a full body wax.
do they have to use special sauce to wax the limbs, or just the ever flowing mammal sauce from your male suitors?
is that a wife beater, or just a large sports bra?
does sitting like that make the balls hurt, or just the enlarged dick shaped clit?
when did bibs become so ever popular among the gays? are they to prevent burning sensation on the chest from cum or just to show off your love of “hot dogs?”
is this what it’s like to have a sex change?
are you using myspace to raise the money to pay for breast enhancements?
would you rather spend the money on colligen for your lips?
or to repad your ass from all the poundings of late night callings?
i noticed you forgot to shave your arm pit, is that to prove you have a penis?
i didn’t know there was such a huge transvestite community.
i may have a small dick, but at least i’m not parading around as a queer to get women. or is that was it means to be “scene?”
when you go from being emo gay to being hipster queer, do you have to cut your balls off to rap?
i didn’t know “rapping” meant saying “fuck” every three lines.
do you start cursing when you can’t think of anything worthwhile to say?
is this what being a talentless hack sounds like?
do you get your rocks off by looking like a girl and talking about “fucking” guys?
i didn’t know the scene was strictly about being gay.
do you have to be gay to be “scene?” or can you keep your balls?
when you smoke poles, do you fantasize about making it? or is sucking cocks “making it?”

do you think the music industry is built on being gay, or are you just trying to exploit a people that have no rights?
did you know that “scene” actually stood for something powerful or did you think it just meant “queer?”
are you a flaming faggot for the attention or are you really just interested in having your asshole wrecked by a different penis every night?
do you rap about experience or what you wish your suburban, rich daddy did to you when you were a little gir- boy?
when you shave your legs, do you use shaving cream? or just the cream from your lover’s penis?

if i wanted to be a rapper, do i have to first start sucking dicks? or is the first step throwing away my talent of writing to curse every three words?
as an artist, it shames me that you’re ripping off eminem by cursing every four letters.
i’d say i like your music, but honestly – i don’t even think i could fathom myself as a queer.

i want to be a rapper, whose dick do i have to suck?

Goodluck in everything that you do! Keep it queer!!


FUCKING BURN BURN BURN bahahahahahhaha
Wow, to good to not share with anyone hahahah

Go laugh at his shitty music lmao

@Bisante … 29 comments

Lmao he is so full of himself, even has his own website and everything and on the home page it says “Hey, welcome to, on this website you will be able to keep up with andrews life.” Okay really? lmao, only little 13 yr olds can stand you because they think your cute, i hope i find you on Omegle so i can tell you how ANNOYING and unfunny you are.

Has anyone else noticed that he looks like the big eyed lemur?



Big eyed lemur:


His eyes are seriously bulging out of his head, and he looks kinda sickly..
Not the best picture to show how HUGE his eyes are tho lmao,
I watched one of his videos and seriously wanted to shoot myself.

Dont do meth kids!