Jeffree Star on Dahvie Vanity: “I Never Saw Anything Illegal … But He Still Deserves The FIRING SQUAD!” No comments

Chris Hansen published his highly-publicized interview with Jeffree Star tonight:

StickyDrama shared the opinion expressed in most of the YouTube chat, which is that the interview was anti-climactic. Far from offering any new details about Dahvie’s alleged crimes, Jeffree actually walked back from some of his more forceful statements on the subject in the past.

For example, Jeffree did a complete 180 regarding the infamous tweet in which he claimed to have seen “illegal” activity:

But in tonight’s interview, Jeffree claimed that he never saw Dahvie commit any crime. Jeffree explained, or attempted to explain, that he was merely being “dramatic” at the time. Maybe “100% ILLEGAL” is dramatic. Maybe calling Dahvie a “monster” is dramatic. But saying that you “saw … sexual things”–that’s not dramatic. That’s a very specific observation.

So, thanks Jeffree, for not adding anything substantial to the case, and actually harming it by now saying that, in fact, you never saw anything.

Moreover, Jeffree’s professed ignorance about the situation makes his calls for Dahvie to rot in prison forever, or face the firing squad, all the more alarming. If Jeffree wasn’t a direct witness to Dahvie’s crimes, how can he be so certain that Dahvie is guilty? Because a bunch of women are making YouTube videos? It’s times like this that make StickyDrama feel as though we were the only American who had to read The Crucible in high school. Yeah, we said it.

Towards the end of the interview, Jeffree seemed to seriously ask how to get an official criminal investigation started. Hansen, ever the opportunist, says by doing more interviews! No. An official criminal investigation requires a victim to report the crime to the police. Not running to Chris Hansen, not making YouTube videos, not calling Dahvie Vanity mean names.

Regardless of how useless Jeffree’s interview would be in a criminal case, StickyDrama feels that the writing is on the wall for Dahvie. With all these interviews, eventually some prosecutor is going to want to make a name for him/herself and go after him, “he said, she said” be damned. Hey Dahvie: Now is probably a good time to convert to Judaism.

Chris Hansen To Interview Jeffree Star About Dahvie Vanity’s Alleged Sex Crimes–And Maybe Jeffree’s Shady Past Too? No comments

Chris Hansen is poised to break the Internet (or at least YouTube) this Sunday, when is scheduled to interview the only faggot to make a buck from e-fame, Jeffree Star.

It’s long been known that Jeffree Star claimed to have observed Dahvie Vanity doing yucky things to underage girls back when they pretended to be something like musicians and toured together.

When StickyDrama first learned of Hansen’s announcement, we thought to ourselves, “Well that’s it, Dahvie’s fucked.” But interestingly enough, the replies to Hansen’s tweet have more to say about Jeffree than Dahvie:

This is a developing story–check back for more updates!

Video Allegedly Shows RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestant @RockMSakura In Public Sex Act No comments

A video that is rumored to depict RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Rock M Sakura completely naked (except for shoes, satchel, glasses and of course cellphone) and receiving oral sex, in public and in broad daylight, is being passed around on social media like coronavirus at church.


The 13-second video was supposedly recorded in San Francisco at the Folsom Street Fair, a notoriously raunchy gay pride event that even makes StickyDrama blush. Apparently, no RPDR fan website has posted the video or even reported it yet, although they all must be aware of its existence by now and probably possess it too.

StickyDrama is not posting the video, but we did watch it and can report that a man who looks exactly like Sakura stands somewhere outside and in daylight surrounded by people. A second man approaches Sakura, grabs Sakura’s rice noodle, gives it a few sucks and then walks away. Sakura cooperates and even smiles at the camera during the entire clip. The shoe of the man slurping down the pho can be seen in the lower right of our censored screencap, and he’s wearing a backpack that appears in the upper-middle right just above our logo.

StickyDrama tweeted to @RockMSakura requesting comment 3 hours prior to publishing this post, but received no response.

On that point, what StickyDrama can only describe as a conspiracy of silence is even more shocking than the video itself. Plenty of other bloggers and vloggers–particularly Jakeyonce, described by some as the “StickyDrama” of RuPaul’s Drag Race–cover RPDR queens religiously and must be aware of this video. Yet not only have they not posted it, they even refuse to discuss or acknowledge it.  Maybe if we had smothered our tweet in bacon grease, Jakeyonce would have noticed it.

Speculation among RPDR fandom is that commentators and the queens themselves prefer to focus only on television-friendly petty drama, and avoid anything that would land on the front page of StickyDrama in order to avoid the loss of sponsorship and advertising dollars. Meanwhile, StickyDrama has a real job and can say whatever the fuck we want.



No response to that either, 2 hours prior to publishing this post. Don’t worry, dear readers, StickyDrama has long been used to rejection. But Jakeyonce is definitely active on Twitter as we type, tweeting about nothing nearly as juicy as this story:


StickyDrama is well aware that people tend to get their feathers ruffled about posting n00dz nowadays. First of all, we did not post the video. Also, Sakura was standing totally naked on a public street where multiple observers are in the video’s background; therefore, the video was never private. Sakura is also clearly aware of the recording, looking and smiling right into the cameraphone at times, so the whole nonconsensual argument doesn’t apply here either. And he’s a public figure, thanks to his time on Drag Race. Even in states with laws against so-called “revenge porn,” the video is newsworthy for the shocking act as well as the individual involved.

The moral of today’s story, dear readers? Gosh, that’s a toughie. StickyDrama is going to go out on a limb and advise that if you don’t want people to talk about your walking around naked and getting your dick sucked in public, don’t walk around naked and get your dick sucked in public.

Twitter Suspends Canadian Tranny @trustednerd Who Tried To Force Female Immigrants To Wax His Balls; Blaire White Rejoices No comments

Even the Canadians agree: Ain’t nobody crazier than trannies. And Jessica Yaniv is a tranny to the core.


Yaniv made international headlines when he tried to force a female aesthetician to wax his balls. The situation was truly an Oppression Olympics, because Yaniv was crying sex discrimination whereas the aesthetician was an immigrant with little financial resources and poor English skills. StickyDrama has to give credit were it’s due, Yaniv clearly knew how to game the system by playing the victim card, with 16 human rights complaints filed with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal alleging that the the aestheticians’ refusal to wax a tranny’s balls constituted discrimination.


At first, the Tribunal treated Yaniv’s complaint seriously, with one member writing: “Waxing can be critical gender-affirming care for transgender women[.]” They are Canadian, after all. But it didn’t take long before they found Yaniv’s conduct troubling. Canada’s National Post reported:


The tribunal member hearing the cases has scolded Yaniv, saying her behaviour in pursuing case after case, even after the Tribunal cautioned against wasteful “unnecessary duplication,” has not been “conducive to having the issue resolved on its merits,” and “opens a valid question about her motives in filing so many complaints.”

The Tribunal member also called “improper” Yaniv’s tactic of withdrawing complaints against some of her targets who obtained free legal representation and made clear they intended to defend themselves at a hearing, rather than go through the tribunal’s settlement process…

She also has such a focus on the Asian background of the salon workers in question that the tribunal has cautioned her for fixating on racial stereotypes about South Asian Canadians and making “derogatory assumptions” about the “culture” of Honveer Randhawa, legal counsel to one of the salons.


Meanwhile, back to the present: Multiple sources are reporting that Yaniv was suspended for the ostensibly harmless act of tweeting a photograph of a check. But in light of her litigious past, Yaniv’s suspension could be viewed as punishment for a violation of Twitter’s terms  of service, specifically its rule against harassment. The check, you see, is apparently the fine that the Tribunal ultimately awarded to the immigrant defendant in the complaint Yaniv had lodged in 2018. Yaniv’s Twitter itself indicates that it has only been suspended, not fully banned from the platform. Really, no biggie. Frankly, payment to a public entity should be a public record that should not be wrong to publicly share, regardless of however it impacts people’s feelings.

In point of fact, StickyDrama’s Twitter has also been suspended for about a week or so, punishment for the TOS “violation” of tweeting a police report obtained pursuant to a public record request. That’s right, the police provided one of their own reports to StickyDrama in exchange for a small fee that we paid in compliance with state law, and they even redacted information that was required to be hidden in their judgment, and still Twitter suspended us for tweeting it. No, it wasn’t that bitch Carole fucking Baskin who reported us; it was that bitch Kiki fucking Kannibal.


So there’s that, just so nobody could accuse StickyDrama of throwing stones from our glass house. Aside from the whole “wax my balls or I’ll sue” meme that flooded our Facebook feeds a few months ago, Yaniv is mostly a Canadian curiosity who rarely makes U.S. headlines. If the reader is so inclined, a simple Google search of Jessica Yaniv and Jonathan Yaniv (they yield different results) will reveal all sorts of sordid stories; unfortunately, some of the juiciest allegations come from questionable sources. We won’t mention them all, even though pretty much all the motherfuckers have a shitload more traffic than we do.

But of all the sources, only the National Post strikes StickyDrama as remotely credible and worth the read for exploring the “new legal perils and moral quandaries” of the situation. Their writer also deserves a Pulitzer for this poetic description of the most circulated photograph of Yaniv:


“Here was a caricatured image of an apparent trans bogeyman, in a dress reminiscent of the one worn by Ursula the Sea Witch, allegedly talking about pestering little girls in bathrooms for pleasure.”


Interesting to note that the very least credible of them all, Life Site News, reported that “Langley RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] charged Yaniv in December with two counts of possessing an illegal weapon in connection with an August 5 incident in which Yaniv was seen brandishing and appeared to fire off a Taser during a heated livestreamed debate with American conservative transgender “woman” and activist Blair White.” This tidbit might explain the alt-right darling’s jubilation yesterday over Yaniv’s supsension:



And about that “pedophile” remark, quite a few sources, including the National Post, allege that Yaniv has an unwholesome fascination with young girls, which, if true, would make Yaniv not unlike 90% of all heterosexual men. However, it’s worth noting that the National Post cautiously characterizes the claims and allegations concerning young girls as just that, “claims” and “allegations.” Other sources post lurid screenshots that are probably true but could have easily been Photoshopped too.

By the way, if you look hard enough, you might a screencap or 2, or 437, where StickyDrama is saying very naughty things to young boys. Just saying, Mr. Hansen, all those screencaps were Photoshopped too, and all the boys were definitely over the age of 18. Anyway, while it’s impossible to really get inside Yaniv’s mind and know for certain whether the tranny thing is all an act, he presented as male uniformly across social media until recently:


Furthermore, one doesn’t have to have a Ph.D. in International Diplomacy to know that certain cultures, specifically the goat-fucking forehead-tapping-the-carpet-5-times-a-day ones, are just not very friendly to nontraditional sexual orientations and gender identities. Therefore, it is unfair to immediately dismiss as racism Yaniv’s observation: “I hate to put race into it, but it seems there is a lot of negativity and lot of pushback toward LGBTQ from the East Indian culture[.]”


StickyDrama did not ask Yaniv for comment since @trustednerd is still suspended as of the time of our post and we are unaware of any other verified means of contacting this colorful personality. (A Google search for Yaniv indicates several profiles that look shady, including ones associated with Jonathan Yaniv.) StickyDrama is also really just commenting on the National Post’s reporting, which Yaniv did answer regarding all but the recent Twitter suspension.



Jessi Slaughter Now Says Dahvie Vanity DID Rape Her After All 11 comments

StickyDrama writes under quarantine in downtown Los Angeles, 2020 having cloaked the world in darkness. It’s a very different place than the carefree days of 2010, when Stickam was still online and boys (legal boys over the age of 18, Mr. Hansen) would joyfully flash their cocks on camera for mod. Now, the apocalypse is nigh and we risk our lives shopping for groceries. So of course it’s the perfect time to revisit this big old mess.

As Chris Hansen has been heavily promoting recently, he interviewed Damien “Dami” Leonhardt, formerly  known as Jessica Leonhardt, aka Jessi Slaughter, a full decade after her controversial relationship with former Blood On The Dance Floor signer Dahvie Vanity broke the internet, before that phrase was even a thing. And lo and behold! Now she says that yes, Dahvie did in fact rape her. StickyDrama can barely contain our shock and surprise.

In order not to trigger our more sensitive readers, StickyDrama will not go into graphic detail about the alleged rape. Just kidding! He made her suck his dick. Which, if true, is wrong, illegal, disgusting and definitely absolutely 100% real rape. “Rape rape,” as Republicans and Whoopi Goldberg tend to say. Normally, in the case of an adult and conscious woman, StickyDrama would ask what effort, if any, she made to resist; but in the case of a 10-year-old, we’re going to call it rape even if she gleefully went along at the time.

The problem is that Jessi has zero credibility. She has given many on-the-record interviews over the years, in which she denied that anything sexual took place, for example her Nightline interview. Skip to 2:00 for the good stuff:

StickyDrama even privately interviewed her around 2011 or 2012 and she still maintained Dahvie’s innocence back then too. At the time she had decided that she was a gay trans man—i.e. she still liked dick but considered herself a man, since men can supposedly have tits and pussies too because 2020. Glad to see she’s apparently outgrown that nonsense. Anyway, unless her 2020 Hansen interview were the only piece evidence you’d ever seen, it’s objectively impossible to believe her. And that’s a damn shame, because in our subjective heart of hearts, we do believe her now and only thought she was lying back when she defended Dahvie.

Yes, she was only 10 years old. Yes, rape victims often mix up details. Yes, there’s no such thing as “the perfect victim.” But whether or not anything sexual happened at all is no “detail.” It’s the entire case. Dahvie will never face any criminal charges over the Jessi Slaughter affair, because with all her previous on-the-record denials there’s reasonable doubt all over this case. The statute of limitations has probably run out too. That being said, StickyDrama would not be surprised if all this renewed publicity brings other girls out of the woodwork who don’t have the same credibility issues as Jessi, as we’ve seen in the cases of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.

Hansen’s role was not the defense attorney tossing tough questions at a rape victim. He just wanted to elicit Jessi’s story from her. But his failure even to gently ask for an explanation of her on-the-record denials robbed his interview of any sense of truth or fairness. He could have easily phrased his questions to give her a path out of the lie—“I was so young, still loved him, didn’t want him to get in trouble, just wanted the story to die down”—but not even to mention it! Ignoring her on-the-record, nationally broadcast denial of the rape is inexcusable, even by journalistic standards, let alone legal ones.

What Has Hanna Beth Done To Her Lips?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! Scene Queen Resembles Plastic Surgery Addict Pete Burns 13 comments

In November of 2015, House of DVF gave voice to the thousands of silenced fans whom Hanna Beth has blocked, ignored and lied to when it posed the question on everyone’s mind:

“Are your lips real?”

Hanna denied DVF’s  suggestion that she’s had lip injections, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Hanna apparently ignored what should have been a wakeup call, because her most recent Instagram photos are replete with trout pout:

Hanna Beth hanna-2 hanna-3 hanna-4


Compare Hanna’s unnatural appearance to plastic surgery addict Pete Burns, whose lips actually exploded with pus owing to infection caused by cosmetic enhancements.

Pete Burns

Hanna: You’re naturally very pretty. Lay off the plastic.

Melissa Click, Face Of SJW Fascism At Mizzou, Charged With Assault 8 comments

Melissa Click, the University of Missouri professor who tried to physically remove journalists from a black “safe space” on the public university’s campus, has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

Melissa Click

The professor has been excoriated in the mainstream media for her appalling behavior, particularly her call for “muscle” to forcibly remove journalists from the safe space, but the assault charge is the first time she has faced anything other than criticism. The university did not fire Click after her November 9, 2015 confrontation with the journalists.

Although we have mentioned Click’s SJW antics in posts condemning so-called safe spaces, StickyDrama would normally not report on Click because she is not an Internet personality, or rather she was not prior to the November 9 incident. But she has since been transmogrified into countless SJW memes, and she embodies the worst of SJW sentiment.

Click Meme

The concept of a safe space was seemingly benign: To give traditionally oppressed or marginalized groups a place–whether a physical or online location–to express their anger and frustration without fear of so-called privilege explaining. However, the concept has been corrupted; safe spaces have become Orwellian zones of fascism where public land is appropriated and contrary viewpoints are not tolerated, sometimes at the threat of physical violence.

Safe Space No Media

Even though the maximum punishment Click faces is a paltry fine and a few days in jail, hopefully her prosecution will send the message to SJWs that feelings do not trump civil rights.

Your Poop Could Save My Life: Another Deeply Problematic Craigslist Ad 4 comments

Your Poop Could Save My Life and I’m Willing To Pay For it. Seriously. (Los Angeles)


So this is definitely the most interesting ad I’ve ever posted.

Here’s my story. . .

My name is Jake, I’m 34 and I’m a reasonably normal (whatever that means) Jewish guy originally from the northeast.

The thing is, I’ve got Crohn’s Disease. And it kind of sucks.

The symptoms of Crohn’s Disease include, but aren’t limited to:
– Extreme abdominal pain.
– Intermittent diarrhea/constipation.
– Intestinal Bleeding
– Increased sensitivity to allergies of all kinds.
– The all-over feeling of being “sick.”
– Brutal and prolonged bouts of fatigue.

I’ve tried to beat this thing naturally now for close to 15 years. To say that I’m disciplined would be the understatement of the decade.

I’ve nailed down every diet you can imagine. Paleo. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet. FODMAPs. GAPS. I’ve tried variations of them all. I’ve introduced foods slowly. I’ve tried all sorts of alternative therapies. I’ve been on several of the drugs.

Various things have helped at times. Sort of. But nothing has really worked. My condition has now progressed to a point where long-term drug maintenance for the rest of my life is a very real possibility, and not one that I’m at all excited about. Not only do I have no assurance that my symptoms will improve, but the side effects of these drugs range from super annoying to downright brutal.

It recently came to my attention that there’s an approved treatment for C.Diff Colitis that’s been proven to work for IBD as well, albeit when administered for a much longer period of time and with strict consistency. I’ve looked into this treatment extensively (I’m admittedly a neurotic researcher) and once I got past the “ick” factor, decided that it’s the real deal.

It’s called Bacteriotherapy. At least that’s what the medical world calls it. In reality, we’re talking about fecal transplants (commonly referred to as FMT or Fecal Microbial Transplantation). This means taking the poop of a healthy person and inserting it into the colon of a sick person by enema. Like I said, there’s an “ick” factor. Believe me, I’m not a bizarro poop fetish guy (and hey, no offense to those who are) but when you’re sick and you absolutely believe that something will get you not just a little better, but potentially in remission or even cured, you go for it.

Before I proceed with my pitch, here’s some reading material that you might find interesting.

A. Professor Tom Borody in Australia is the king of this shit. Literally. He was the first one to talk about how Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP) is an infectious cause of Crohn’s Disease. Its causality has been proven by the standard Koch’s postulates which have been fulfilled by culturing the pathogen from patients with Crohn’s Disease. Here’s a link to his website, where you can read lots more about Crohn’s, IBD and fecal tranplants:

B. The Taymount Clinic in the UK has performed more FMT’s than anyone else in the world. Here’s a link to their site:

C. Sky Curtis’ son Chris was suffering from Crohn’s (my story is actually quite similar to his) and she did everything that any loving mother would do to save his life. This included fecal transplants. Today, Chris is 100% cured and disease-free thanks to fecal transplants that he received from his mother, Sky. She documented the whole process and wrote out the protocol of how she did it. It’s an awesome story that if nothing else will leave you amazed, touched and filled with that warm and fuzzy feeling:

D. And here’s her follow-up guidebook on how to do the protocol the right way, so that it works:

E. Finally here’s the link to an authority site about fecal transplants that offers resources and testimonials. The site is filled with stories of people who did this thing all sorts of wrong, and in many cases still got very good results. Overall very inspiring stuff.

Now that I’ve hit you with all of the information, it’s time for the pitch.

I’m looking for a healthy stool donor. That’s right, I want your poop. And I’m willing to pay you for it. While the money is certainly one part of it, honestly the type of person I’m looking for is someone who is just as into this to help another human being by doing something as simple as taking poops for them.

As for how much I’ll pay, we can discuss. I’m far from a rich guy but am open to various options based on your individual situation.

Aside from the money, there’s another added benefit. You’ll be eating amazingly well. I need someone who is incredibly healthy and am willing to help in part to financially support great dietary habits.

My ideal candidate is:
– Male between 18-39
– In great health
– Lives in or around Los Angeles
– Is looking to be a part of something kind of crazy, yet incredible

Obviously this barely scratches the surface of eligibility. In addition to eating great, this person would have to go through a quick series of stool and blood tests to confirm eligibility.

There’s also some initial criteria that would exclude someone from being eligible. I’ve posted at the end of this ad a full questionnaire that I need to have answered before moving forward with anyone. It’s a serious list of questions, but putting someone else’s poop inside of me is sort of a serious deal.

Logistically, we can also discuss how and where this pooping would take place. There are a few options. But ultimately all you need to do is poop. I don’t require help of any kind in preparing the enema or anything else. Again, you just poop.

More so than eligibility and eating habits and everything else, the biggest thing arguably is commitment. Once we start, we absolutely must see the whole protocol through.

Here’s the schedule:
First 30 days: Every day.
Next three weeks: Every other day.
Next three weeks: Every third day.
Next three weeks: Every fourth day.
Next three weeks: Every fifth day.
Next three weeks: Once a week.
Next six weeks: Once every two weeks.
Next year: Once a month.

It’s a serious schedule. The really tough part is the first 3-4 months, where travel is basically not an option. Beyond that it obviously gets much easier, especially when it’s a once a month thing.

If you want to be a part of something life-changing (who knows, perhaps for both of us. . .) and incredibly helpful not only to me, but to those with whom I intend to share my experience and results, then respond to this ad. If you respond though, make sure to answer all of the questions below and include your answers with your reply. There are a lot of questions, but they’re all important and relevant in one way or another.

Thanks in advance so much. Means a lot to me.


1. Do you have any chronic illnesses?
2. Do you have any autoimmune conditions (e.g.. Grave’s disease, multiple sclerosis, connective tissue disease, hypothyroidism, IBD, lupus, rheumatoid ?arthritis, other)?
3. Do you have any history of IBD (Crohn’s/Colitis), irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation or chronic diarrhea?
4. Do you have any history of gastrointestinal malignancy or known polyposis?
5. Do you take medication on a daily basis? If yes, which medications and for what reason?
6. Have you taken antibiotics in the last 6 months?
7. Do you have any history of excessive antibiotic use?
8. Do you smoke? If so, how often?
9. Do you drink? If so, how often?
10. Do you use recreational drugs? If so, how often?
11. Have you ever used drugs intravenously?
12. Do you have / have you ever had a tattoo?
13. Have you ever been rejected as a blood donor? If yes, why?
14. Have you ever received blood products or a blood transfusion? If yes, where and when?
15. Have you ever received any type of transplant (e.g. organ, tissue, cornea, hair, etc.)? If yes, where, when, and what type?
16. Were you born in a country outside the United States, or have you ever resided in a
country outside the U.S. for more than 1 year? If yes, when and where?
17. Have you traveled outside of the U.S. in the last two years? If yes, where and when?
18. Have you ever had malaria? If yes, when?
19. Have you received vaccinations for hepatitis B?
20. While visiting another country (for work or vacation), have you ever had sexual contact ?with people originating from that country? If yes, when and where?
21. Do you have a new sexual partner with whom you have commenced sexual relations within the last twelve months?
22. Have you ever been in an Immunosuppressive state, or have a past use of immunosuppressive medications?
23. Do you have any history of major gastrointestinal surgery (e.g., gastric bypass)?
24. Do you have any history of metabolic syndrome with BMI >30?
25. Do you have any history of Atopic diseases including asthma, eosinophilic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract?
26. Do you have any history of chronic pain syndromes, e.g., chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia?
27. Do you have any history of skin issues, such as psoriasis, eczema, hives, acne, itchy skin, rashes of any kind or dermatitis?
28. Do you have any history of joint pain?
29. Have you suffered from any hair loss, i.e. male pattern baldness or thinning?
30. Do you have any sexual dysfunction or issues with libido?
31. Do you have any history of obesity / weight control issues?
32. Do you have any history of allergies (seasonal, food etc)?
33. Have you ever had anonymous sexual contacts?
34. Have you ever had sexual contact with someone who uses IV drugs?
35. Have you ever had sexual contact with someone of your own sex?
36. Have you ever had sexual contact with a bisexual or homosexual man?
37. In the last 12 months, have you had receptive anal sex with a new partner?
38. Have you ever had sexual contact with someone who received money from you for this ?contact?
39. Have you ever worked as a sex worker/prostitute?
40. Have you ever had sexual contact with someone who turned out to be infected with HIV, HTLV, hepatitis, or syphilis?
41. Have you ever had a sexually transmittable disease (e.g. HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, oral herpes, trichomonas, bacterial vaginosis, HPV, other)?
42. Have you ever been treated for an intestinal infection (e.g. C. difficile, Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Yersinia, E. coli, rotavirus, norovirus, intestinal parasites, other)? If yes, which ones and when?
43. Do you have hemorrhoids?
44. Have you ever had blood in your stools? a. If yes, were any extra tests performed? What were the results?
45. Have you had a fever in the past two weeks?
46. How often do you poop? And how consistent are the times?
47. Can you describe a high-level overview of your diet?
48. Do you exercise? If yes, how often?
49. What is your profession?
50. What zip code do you live in?
51. How flexible is your schedule?
52. Are you sure that you can COMMIT to the schedule:
First 30 days: Every day.
Next three weeks: Every other day.
Next three weeks: Every third day.
Next three weeks: Every fourth day.
Next three weeks: Every fifth day.
Next three weeks: Once a week.
Next six weeks: Once every two weeks.
Next year: Once a month.

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