@BOTDFmusic Dahvie’s Spaz Muffin 56 comments

This girl added me on Myspace a long time ago and apparently she’s friends with Dahvie Vanity. She’s always posting things on her Myspace about him.  She’s just another stupid scene girl begging to get fucked. I just wish she had as much brains as she does big hair 🙂

This photo just screams “RAPE ME.”  How about you try putting some clothes on, baby. Scarves don’t count!

Time to put my tongue on another 15-year-old, huh Dahvie?


No, you were just the only one in the crowd 🙂

Scene’s dead hun, Let it go please, it was never a good look anyway.

Here’s her Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/spaz-muffin

@JeffreeStar Wannabe Alert 35 comments

You know how some people should just…never EVER try. I came across one of those on flickr.

I have no clue if its a he/she…either way whatever it is, IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AT ALLLL COSTS.

@Brandon_Hilton’s Shameless Spam 45 comments

After the new Jeffree Star single, “Size of Your Boat”, was released I posted on here. And everyone seemed to be giving good reviews about the song in their comments….
Until I came across this..

Like..REALLY?! Are you THAT narcissistic that you have to comment on post and advertise your own music. And honestly I havent even heard about this “Brandon Hilton” until a week ago when I really started looking over this site. So if he thinks he’s getting any fame..he can get that out of his head right now. I think he deserves absolutely ZERO credit for his music as far as I am concerned. In an earlier post I read about him, I read he STOLE a song from someone. Yeah honey, Im sure Gaga loves frauds and cheats. If only she knew. You’d be in the same place you are now…at home, in your basement sitting on myspace all day long begging for people to listen to your music. If you’re SOO famous why are you so desperate for credit on your music. Have fun playing in an empty venue in three weeks.

If what you want is an advertisment Brandon here you go…vist this site and listen to his Chart Topping tunes (HA!) http://www.brandonhilton.com

@JeffreeStar’s “Size of your Boat” Tops iTunes Electronic Charts 38 comments

Jeffree Star has just recently released a new single featuring female rapper (is she?) Muffy called “Size of your boat”

In only but a few hours of its (early) release date it made #1 on itunes top albums chart under the genre electronic.

What’s your opinion on Jeffree’s New chart topping song? Will this be the tune you have on repeat this summer?