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The other day i was trolling facebook, when i set my eyes apon the loveable rouge Kevin Kemo. Many of you will remeber him from such fail posts as…’Kevin Kemo Man About Town’. Furthermore, many of you know him as ‘The guy who got told he looked like Ian vuttion by Amor Hilton’. So he began to hit on her, she turned him down, therefore he felt it necessary to start a ‘Love Quest’ site. Many self promo’s later he disappeared into the unknown. Apparently due to us folks at My Drama..

In many of the posts about him people would remark about, his womanly attributes;

“His names Kevin Kemo, and hes a utter joke, and yes, its hard to believe but he is a bloke!”

“You look like John Hock’s mentally retarded little brother”

“what happen to it’s adams apple? and I see b00biez~”

“You don’t have a cock, you have boobs, which we all clearly can see.
Oh and stop trying to hide your boobs because it’s not working.
Your face looks like a girl. No Adam’s apple.
Desperate much? Just say you are a lesbain and maybe you’ll finally get a girl that actually lives close to you.
So what’s your real name, KEVIN?
Get a reality check.”

Looking at his photo’s many people said he looked like a woman, i myself didn’t see this (myself and my sister though he was hot).. until today when i happened to click his annoying little face. Let me make this clear, i don’t think these two individuals are the same person… they just have an uncanny resemblance.

number one-

On the left we have Kevin ‘Kemo’ and on the right we have an ‘anonymous’ female.
As you can see they’re wearing the same hat, and have fundamentally the same piercings. And their face shapes seem, the same. No biggy, just a few similarity’s!
Until, my sister took over the computer and delved deeper into this mystery.

number two.
left Kemo, right girl.
Yes, the hair colours appear to variate.. but give a month or two thats how it would appear? once again same piercings, (yes i realised every stupid little scene kid has them)

number three

same confused look.. once again many similarity’s.

To wrap this shit up,

  • they both have the same piercings, and same septum rings and lips rings (can be seen in other pictures aswell),
  • similar wardrobe,
  • similar hair,
  • facial structure.
  • To add to that they both live extremely close to each other and mingle in the same friendship group.

Hmm? i’ll let you conclude this..

kevin kemo’s facebook.

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spaz, January 13, 2010

Oh it’s Tash Foulds, no “A”. She’s in facebook as “little green”.

Anonymous, January 25, 2010

GET A LIFE faggot

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