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We, the undercommented, petition to have M@tthew Kraven/Matthew *ravenSTAR/Matthew fagstar/Jeffree lush permanently banned from stickydrama.com. The subject brings nothing to the site but horrible typing, bad self-pictures, and incorrect information. He is so full of himself that he believes that all those who hate him are “jealous.” Our response to that? Why would we wish to be just like a white trash, wannabe e-celeb pedo? The subject displays psycho/annoying behavior and since murder is considered “wrong” in the eyes of the law and is possibly morally questionable, we only wish that we never have to see the subjects face/name again defiling stickydrama.com. Sticky, we beg and plead, please, please, keeps us from this continuing annoyance.

Readers, please comment with your agreeing statements.
If you don’t agree, fuck off. We don’t want to see your comments.

*this petition is a group effort, I am mearly the poster.

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buttpocket, August 12, 2009

eww I dont want to be john hawk

youpedofile, August 17, 2009

okay anyone who doubts he’s not a lying fag this is just a tad of his about me

I can’t get a job.
I’ve been Homeless since i was 13.
All my clothes were given to me.
Would you like to Donate some more? Message me.
I quit high school 3 times because i was Addicted to Meth.
I’ve never been in a Relationship.
I wanna have a boyfriend who will hold my hand someday.
I lost my virginity at 6yr. Old.
I would take it back and until i found the Special one.
I’ve had sex with over 200 guys.
I had oral sex with 61% of the straight guys in school.
I’ve never been attacked physically for being gay.
I’m embarrassed for people who call me FAGGOT in public.
I don’t have any gay guys as my friends.
I’m Addicted to 90’s pop music.
Marching band was my addiction in high school.
I’ve got more ex-girlfriends than a gay man should.
I claimed i was 19 for 5yrs.
I’ve been in jail over 9 times.
Most my friends know only lies about me because it makes my life seem better.
I don’t speak to anyone i grew up with.
I don’t remember any of my Childhood.
I was raped 14 times before i was 18.
Marijuana soothes my nerves and depression.
My legs are the worst part of my body.
I was ran over by a truck when i was young.
I’ve been in over 24 car accidents.

youpedofile, August 17, 2009

btw i signed this.

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